About Us

Together we can make a difference

Who is G. May?

May is an anonymous name of a child victim. Founder Brandy Ringelmann having knowledge of G. May and her family, along with the sensitive and traumatic life events for them, built a team of volunteer board members. This board of volunteers is looking to provide resources, and changes for families like G. May’s, to improve the quality of life in the aftermath of childhood sexual assault.

The Need

1 in 10 children under the age of 18 have been sexually assaulted. Currently in Ontario there is no public access treatment program for childhood victims of sexual assault and their families.

Sexual assault centers across the province are designed to only help victims age 16 and older. Unfortunately they do not have the infrastructure, framework or funding to help those victims under the age of 16.

The Impact

The impacts of child sexual abuse in Canada leads to many issues related to victim’s physical and mental health as an adult. More often than not, victims know their abusers and spend a lifetime with the festering impacts of their abuse that taints every faucet of their lives into adulthood. Life for those abused can include psychiatric disorders, drug use, low self-esteem, guilt, self blame, social with drawl, marital and family problems, depression, somatic complaints, difficulties with sexuality, eroticized behaviours and irrational fears.

It is estimated that childhood sexual abuse has huge economic impacts in areas of judicial, social services, education, health, employment and personal which are estimated to be over $15 billion in cost annually, from childhood sexual assault alone.

Dealing with the life-long impacts of child sexual assault

Our Mission

The G. May Project is an independent grass roots non-profit organization committed to advocating for victims of Childhood Sexual Assault

Our Objectives

We are working towards

  • programming
  • rehabilitation
  • stronger rights
  • tougher sentencing
  • education and prevention

Our Project

The G. May Project is looking to raise $40,000 to implement the infrastructure and framework for a intake of victims and their families, providing them with necessary treatment and rehabilitation.

Meet our team

Karen Crawford


Nicole Parker


Sarah Moffatt


Garnet Reynolds


and many, many great-hearted volunteers and donors

Want to help?

People need help. Get involved, speak out, volunteer or become a donor and give every child a fair chance to succeed!