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Committed to advocating for victims of Childhood Sexual Assault

1 in 10 children under the age of 18 have been sexually assaulted

Currently in Ontario there is no public access treatment program for childhood victims of sexual assault, nor is there for their families.

Sexual assault centers across the province are designed to only help victims age 16 and older. Unfortunately they do not have the infrastructure, framework or funding to help those victims under the age of 16.

Our mission

Through generous and supportive individuals as well as collective community donations, the G. May Project will launch a pilot project for treatment of victims and their families in early 2018. This needed treatment program will host facilitation for healing and rehabilitation, in hopes to reduce the life-long effects of child sexual assault.

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Your donation will  help make a tremendous difference to the lives of children affected by sexual assault abuse. Click here to make a donation.

Want to help?

The G. May Project can certainly use your help. Get involved, speak out, volunteer or become a donor and give every affected child a fair chance to succeed!

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